Modern medicine has allowed us to treat multitudes of diseases. However, instead of living longer with better quality of life, often we have simply prolonged the dying process so that we are just “dying longer.” Few people would choose to simply exist in a state where they are unable to enjoy basic pleasures in life or have a meaningful existence and satisfying interactions with others. Few of us would choose to become totally dependent on someone else to care for our basic needs and simply exist. Unfortunately, many of the interventions available with conventional modern medicine fail to provide the important quality of life maintenance that the majority of us seek. Scientific discovery of how our bodies age and what happens on a cellular and molecular level has allowed us to enter our biological clocks and fine tune those processes. Living a longer, more fulfilling and healthy life takes work and dedication, but the tools are being developed daily to help us achieve that goal. Ultra Health & Wellness was conceived to provide physician guided care to assist with healthier and slower aging, appropriate fat loss, better functioning of our digestion, sleep, sex lives, and intellectual pursuits as well as better results from fitness programs. Living and being physically active inevitably leads to the potential for injury, our bodies are constantly in a state of healing. We need to do everything possible to assist our bodies with healing so that we may resume pursuing our passions and live our best lives.

Our Mission

To help our patients enjoy longer, healthier, fulfilling lives through proper nutrition, fitness, supplementation, hormonal and metabolic management.