The O-Shot®

The last several years we have seen many studies being published showing that it is possible to use natural substances produced in our own bodies to treat diseases or improve function. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has been an exciting area of reach for many years. It has been used for cosmetic purposes to achieve nonsurgical facelifts, to treat tendon and joint injuries, muscle injuries, pain and other conditions. For women, the development of PRP treatment to improve sexual functioning, treat stress incontinence (urine leakage with exertion), and treat painful skin conditions of the vulva such as lichen sclerosus has been particularly exciting. In addition, using the Platelet-Rich Plasma that is obtained in the same way as the O-shot and placing the PRP into the bladder may be an effective treatment option for some women who suffer from Interstitial Cystitis. As a member in good standing of the Cellular Medicine Association, Dr. Kiley has received training on the O-shot® and is happy to offer it as a treatment option for several conditions.

Stress incontinence

A peer-reviewed paper recently published in the Journal of Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery (Urogynecology) revealed findings that PRP was able to significantly improve stress incontinence symptoms in women versus placebo. One major advantage of this treatment is that there is no foreign material inserted into the body, making complications or side effects extremely unlikely. Another advantage is the ability to have the procedure done in the office with local anesthesia and essentially no “down-time.” At Ultra Health & Wellness we emphasize natural treatments whenever possible in order to reduce toxicity, side effects and complications.

Sexual satisfaction

Some women experience a decrease in the ability to achieve orgasm as a result of hormonal changes, physical traumas or unknown causes. Blood flow and proper nerve functioning in the clitoris is very important in maintaining the ability to achieve orgasm. The O-shot has been shown to enhance sexual satisfaction and involves a drug-free treatment method to help improve the female sexual experience.

Lichen sclerosus

This is a condition of the vulva (skin outside of the vagina) seen on the labia and entrance to the vagina which may cause scarring, cracking, itching, burning, or plaques forming on the vulva. This may result in painful intercourse, urinary discomfort, chronic vulvar discomfort, and may interfere with normal activities. Combined with other treatments, the O-shot using PRP may be effective in reducing scarring and promoting proper healthy tissue growth as well as alleviating some of the other bothersome symptoms of lichen sclerosus.

Vaginal Rejuvination

The concept of vaginal “rejuvination” is simple: Help the vagina function in a more youthful way. The tissues should respond well, be elastic and flexible yet supple and full. Rather than “tightening” the vagina using surgery and incisions, providing a scaffolding for tissue building cells to enhance the tissues surrounding the vagina can provide for a more “youthful” vagina. Coupled with other treatments such as MonaLisa Touch laser or Juliet, this may provide a satisfying way to achieve a healthier, better-functioning, more youthful vagina without the use of surgery.

At Ultra Health & Wellness, we strive to improve your well-being with the best and safest tools available.