“I’m getting older but I don’t want to FEEL old!”
“How can I get my energy back?”
“Why do people seem to age differently?”
“Is there any way to slow the aging process?”
“What is the difference between healthspan and lifespan?”

These are all great questions, and science is bringing us amazing answers!

We are gradually unlocking the secrets to how aging occurs and by doing so we are learning about how to “Slow down” that clock.  At Ultra Health & Wellness we are using the best of modern science to help our patients achieve optimal healthspan. Healthspan refers to the number of years we are able to remain healthy and active, doing the things we love to do.  Lifespan refers to the total number of years we are alive.

Modern medicine has brought us to a critical point in human history. We are able to prolong life, but in many cases we have not been able to prolong quality of life. As a result, we often help people prolong death rather than prolonging quality of life. The focus of anti-aging is to prevent or delay the disease of aging, loss of vitality, strength, mental capacity, self-sufficiency and fulfillment of purpose that is the result of the accumulation of cellular and systemic injury over time. At Ultra Health & Wellness we will use all of the tools in our command to optimize cellular function, metabolism, and brain health to keep you functioning at your ultra best.

Available Treatments

Aside from lifestyle counseling and help with improving diet, physical activity and supplementation, we have treatments available that have been under intense study to improve healthspan, such as:

  • Metformin
  • Rapamycin
  • DHEA
  • Peptide Therapy
  • Hormone Optimization
  • Customized supplements and probiotics based on your specific bloodwork and lab testing

Additional Services