Women’s Hormones

What happens to you as you age? How do your hormones affect your body? There are (6) things you need to know about female hormone balance.

  1. 100 years ago, the average lifespan of a woman was just over 50.  Menopause didn’t usually involve years of symptoms because most women simply didn’t live long enough to see the long term effects of menopause.
  2. Many of the most well-known studies on hormone replacement therapy are seriously flawed and don’t provide us with enough accurate information to understand the true pros and cons of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.
  3. Low estrogen levels have been linked to cognitive decline (symptoms of dementia), osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and colon cancer.
  4. There is a difference in the body’s response to hormone replacement depending upon the route it takes into the body (oral versus topical or under the skin).
  5. Hormonal changes begin to take place at least 10 years before the last menstrual period occurs.
  6. Women’s hormones include estradiol, estriol, progesterone, testosterone, as well as several others that are not well known but just as important. All hormones are made by modifying the basic cholesterol molecule!

Optimal wellbeing involves achieving and maintaining a proper hormonal balance. At Ultra Health & Wellness we take all aspects of health seriously, and provide appropriate and judicious hormone replacement in conjunction with the best nutritional advice and lifestyle counseling to achieve optimal balance. Proper hormone balance may improve quality of life, lower risk of many diseases, slow aging, and improve sleep. It is not always necessary to treat with hormones to achieve hormonal balance, and at Ultra Health & Wellness we will do a comprehensive analysis of all factors in order to design a custom program appropriate to each of our patients.