Men’s Hormones done right

Go online and google “testosterone” or “men’s hormones” and you will see multiple companies with offers to treat low testosterone, improve libido, erections, strength, stamina, etc. While it is absolutely true that approximately 40% of men over age 45 have low hormone levels, and only 12% are treated, resulting in increased risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, mortality, not to mention poor or reduced sex drive, it is vital that diagnosis and treatment be approached properly. Few of the testosterone replacement clinics I have researched actually spend a significant amount of time evaluating and customizing treatment programs for their patients, and follow up may be less than desirable.

As with all treatments and medications, it is extremely important that we help each individual understand his situation, the risks and benefits of treatment versus no treatment, and optimize ways to normalize his hormones. Testosterone replacement is not always the answer to the problem. There are times when supplements or different hormones or medications will correct the problem. There are many different delivery systems when treating men for hormone deficiency, and customizing that to the individual needs of each man is important.

Using a “boiler-plate” formulation, without paying close attention to nutritional deficiencies, interactive hormone effects and medical conditions may result in a less than desirable outcome at best. Our goal at Ultra Health & Wellness is to see our male patients as individuals with individual needs, and design a custom, appropriate treatment program to meet those needs. We are interested in long term results, not short term cash rewards.

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