Women’s Hormones, done right

As a practicing Board Certified Urogynecologist, I have cared exclusively for women for the majority of my career. I spent countless hours memoizing hormone pathways and their effects, normal menstrual cycles, pregnancy related changes, and menopause. Perimenopause has always been the most difficult time, as the ovaries begin to behave more erratically and hormone production becomes less reliable. Traditional hormone teaching has told us that we have few options, that evidence is lacking for supplements or less than traditional hormone support. However, along the way I learned that there is a lot more to women’s hormones than normal menstrual cycles and hormone replacement for menopause. The controversies surrounding hormone replacement have reverberated to this day, resulting in much fear and confusion regarding hormonal support or manipulation.

Mainstream medicine has failed to make women aware of data surrounding routes of delivery, types of hormones used and other individual metabolic activity that should be known in order to provide the best outcomes with use or support or hormones. Women distressed by low libido have been repeatedly denied an approved testosterone supplement in this country in order to use other medications in an effort to improve libido. Understanding the different relationships between various hormone metabolites and cancer has led to the indictment of estrogen as a “cancer-causing” agent, and created fear regarding heart disease, stroke and blood clots. Rather than painting all women and their hormonal risks with the same brush, perhaps we should take advantage of all of the advances available in genomic medicine and our ability to check levels of certain important enzymes and metabolic pathways in order to allow more women to feel comfortable with choosing some form of hormonal support.

Ultra Health & Wellness was created to allow for greater freedom to evaluate and treat women with hormonal disturbances desiring a better quality of life.

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