My Journey

Creating Ultra Health & Wellness was a dream two decades in the making. Moving to Palm Beach Gardens in my early forties, I had already spent much of my life focusing on being healthy and getting proper exercise. My medical practice, while rewarding in many ways, often left me frustrated as there was so much more I wanted to be able to do for my patients. I already knew that nutrition and exercise were key factors in slowing the aging process, and so many of my patients were aging prematurely due to lifestyle issues. Although I always took the time when needed to explain about a healthy lifestyle and the importance of nutrition and exercise, it often seemed to not be enough. Many times I saw patients with perplexing problems that didn’t seem to be limited to lifestyle issues, and I wanted to do more to help them. Often, when working out with my trainer, Jason, we would speak of our dreams to create a place where people could get the right information, guidance and support to become healthier and slow aging.

In the nearly twenty years since those first animated discussions punctuated by the sound of exercise machines, panting and grunting, I have pursued martial arts to the level of master, studied acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, spent countless hours learning about the latest developments in hormones, metabolism, cell function, the immune system and gut function. I subspecialized in Urogynecology from my original specialty of Obstetrics and Gynecology because I wanted to help women with serious pelvic problems, and out of that grew an understanding of the need to go further, learn more, and have more to offer a wider range of people. With a husband and two sons, I felt obligated to learn more about male physiology and hormones in order to help them stay healthy. At long last, as I have pursued my own path to maintain and enhance my health, I am ready to begin a new journey. This is an exciting time in history for many reasons.

The past year has been incredibly difficult for many people, including me and my family. Yet out of the hardship and stress, an awareness that NOW is the time to make these changes and begin a new chapter; to move beyond the limitations of my previous specialty and move towards better health for me and for my patients. I have been fortunate enough to still have my partner in crime and physical trainer, nutrition guru and all around enthusiastic exercise maven, Jason Pryce, working with me to create this new experience. We will use all of the modern tools and knowledge available to make the journey towards longer healthspan accessible to our patients. It’s an exciting time!

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